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Working towards achieving transit equity 

Our mission is to inform residents about the DC  Streetcar system, its expansion to all portions of the District, and its ability to bridge all portions of DC together. Transportation equity is a core principal of our organization -- the streetcar system and it's expansion is a way to bridge the east-west transit divide in the District to create a more inclusive and united city.

We inform and mobilize DC residents and leaders about the project and about the importance of equity in transportation. The benefits of expanding the streetcar system are myriad. First and foremost, it's a transportation equity project that will connect all portions of the District together. Additionally, it will support more economic opportunity and development in some of our most underserved neighborhoods. Finally, it will further decrease the District's carbon foot print.

We also know that for transportation to be equitable it has to be inclusive and accessible to all residents. And so to that end we also believe that any economic development supported by the streetcar should be inclusive of all incomes and should incorporate community driven visions and the needs of existing residents. 


We are a true grassroots organization that mobilizes and educates DC residents about the streetcar by canvassing, phone banking, and text banking in support of the project. There are over 1000 DC residents who have signed our petition in support of the extension. Would you like to get involved? Sign our petition!


Public transportation is a shared public benefit and can only function as such when it is shared
with all neighborhoods. Currently many neighborhoods in the District are cut off from the city due to poor public transportation and physical infrastructure that divides us instead of uniting us. There are many examples, but the most egregious may be the Benning corridor in ward 7. The Benning corridor is dominated by the infrastructure legacies of the 20th century that were designed with the intent of making east-west travel difficult for residents east of the river. The expansion of the streetcar is restorative investment that will address the Benning corridor and many others. The streetcar will help bring our city together and will help us overcome decades of infrastructure and public policy meant to separate us.

Would you like to support our efforts?

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